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3 days to launch yourself

Play, boot -Training camp in IZU-

Play and experience using all five senses. It's 3 days to launch yourself through it. We are backed by the warm climate of Minami-Izu, which is close to the ocean and mountains. The accommodation is a villa overlooking the sea. Enjoy the clean, clear air, the sound of the wind and waves, and the chirping of birds. Furthermore, this time we specially invited a French chef to be in charge of the meal. ``You're in a state of sleep without using your true power! Wake up! We'll do our best to help you realize that you're playing and being released with joy in a world that's already full!'' says Navigator Baker. Michiko. It will be a training place for you to fully use your five senses and express what comes from within. I don't think I'm still like this. I want to enjoy life more and every day. If you have even the slightest idea, please give it a try. 《Main contents》

・Experience of harmony between mind and body ・Work that opens the physical senses ・Artwork ・Art session《Date and time》3 days and 2 nights from Sunday, May 12th to Tuesday, May 14th《Location》 Villa Shirahama 《Participation fee》 120,000 yen (+ tax) → 132,000 yen *Included in the price: All course fees during the retreat period, accommodation expenses, and food expenses

*Cancellation policy ・Up to 3 weeks before the event: 30% of the participation fee ・Up to 1 week before the event: 50% of the participation fee ・From 1 week before the event on the day of the event: 100% However, it is possible to transfer it to a related person. [Application] Please apply to with the subject line "Izu Training Camp Application" and your name, contact information, and motivation for participating in the body of the message. 《Schedule》 ■1st day 12:30 Gather at Villa Shirahama 13:00 Intro, orientation 14:00 Body work 15:00 Session 18:00 Dinner - cleanup 20:00 Body work or free time■2nd day 07: 00 Body work, etc. 10:30 Brunch - Cleaning up 12:30 Body work 14:00 Session 18:00 Dinner - Cleaning up 20:00 Body work or free time ■ Day 3 07:00 Light breakfast 07:30 Body work etc. 10: 00 Session 12:00 Lunch - Cleanup 13:30 Closing 14:00 End [Facilitator] Mami Matsunaga Breathing and Chiropractic Certified Instructor

Sponsored by ``Breath DOJO,'' a program where you learn about yourself through your breath, body movements, and gestures. In order to overcome the HIV infection she contracted at the age of 19, she learned and practiced various natural remedies and dietary methods. After encountering ``breathing and chiropractic care,'' he realized that daily breathing and the harmony of mind and body are the keys to overcoming illness. Every day, I explore what it means to live and what it means to be a person, and to see people living their lives in their own way. 《Navigator》 Michiko Baker Shunkou Soul Creator

He built a career as an interior designer and architect, but when he became ill, he realized the emotions he had suppressed and the distorted way he lived as a result. He remembered and accepted that he was a pre-human being. After that, various encounters overlapped and she experienced giving birth at home, even though she was elderly and had her first birth. Experience gaining tremendous trust in the work of life. At the same time, we provide sessions for individuals, groups, and parents and children that remind us of our multidimensional sensations and allow us to remain fully present with the brand new energy that arises from moment to moment. Currently, in addition to sessions, we are also providing support for people with developmental disabilities and art seminars for elementary school students. 《Meals》 Makoto visiting chef

Gained French experience at Blue Note Tokyo and other locations, and has produced various restaurants in Tokyo. When he was involved in the launch of Jean-Georges Tokyo, he was inspired by Jean-Georges' cooking. In 2020, he opened a bistro in Chigasaki, where he had a connection through surfing since childhood. We propose simple dishes that use herbs and spices to bring out the deliciousness of the ingredients themselves. Currently, we are providing an opportunity to enjoy the taste of a restaurant in the privacy of your own home. We are currently active mainly in the Shonan area of Kanagawa Prefecture with the concept of bringing the taste of the restaurant to your home.


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