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Take a breath and enjoy the comfort

First of all, you will experience the comfort of breathing. When you breathe, you will feel relaxed and relaxed. By repeatedly experiencing that state, you can input that comfortable state into your body and remember it with your body.


Create a body that can inhale deeply and exhale

In order for the comfortable state of breathing to become "normal" rather than special, we will build a body that can inhale properly and exhale properly. The points are lack of strength, free movement of the spine, and proper work of the lower abdomen. You will be able to adjust your body through various movements.


Live "in your own way" in the true sense of the word

A comfortable state of breathing becomes "normal". That means less strength, less breath holding (= unpleasant for you), and you will be able to see the movements and postures that are right for you. You will have more room in your mind and body, and you will naturally be able to make the right choices in your life.

Q & A


Is there a way to check if my breathing is good?


Take a deep breath while standing. At this time, if your chin is facing up, your upper body is squeezed, your chest or abdomen is greatly swollen, or your arms are separated from your sides, this is a danger signal.


Can anyone do it?


yes. If you have a stiff body and are not good at exercising, there is no problem. It has a wide range of ages and is practiced by people in their 20s and 60s.


What kind of person do you recommend?


For those who want to live comfortably both physically and mentally, is it okay for the future life to remain as it is? It is especially recommended for those who think about it in a moment.

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