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Stress tends to appear as pain in the body, so I have made various attempts to eliminate these.

This breathing was a short exercise, but I was impressed by the strong feeling of changes in my body .

Many things are different. It's easy to walk, it's easy to climb stairs, it's easy to make a voice, and every part of my body that I noticed is relaxed and easy to make a voice, and above all, I feel very good.

Mr. TK (female)

I do it every morning, which is amazing! !! Every time I do it, I discover something!  
About the first two times, I felt that the internal organs moved to the correct position.
I found the dull part of my body, and this dance changed. It feels like I can definitely take it to where I had reached it with my senses.

I immediately felt that I could hear unconscious sounds clearly, and that my consciousness changed. Every time I participate, my body is getting easier and easier . thank you!


M (female, 30s, dancer)

This course is not just a breathing course, but a course to learn how to live through breathing .

Through this breath, I was able to gain a new way of facing myself.
Immediately, I tend to think about the past that I have finished and the future that I can't help but think about, and now I have much more time to be here.

Being such a person will sharpen your physical sensations and improve your intuition.
And above all, through breathing, I was able to find a "place" or "space" where I should return.

By looking around and interacting with people, I have become able to create new relationships that I have never felt before.

What's more, it's still being updated after taking the course.

Mr. A ・ F (male, 40s, office worker)

About half a year after receiving it for the first time, there have been changes in physical condition such as weight loss of 10 kg and increase in intake and displacement.

Also, feelings of anxiety, tension, and stress have been reduced .

I used to be very pessimistic, negative and reluctant, but now I'm gradually becoming positive and optimistic, and I'm motivated to take on challenges.

Mr. MN (male, 30s)

It is often said that breathing is important, but I feel that this is the first time I have learned how to take care of breathing in everyday life.

I understood well how normal breathing is not kind to me and how I usually hold my breath and move with force.

If the most common thing you do in your life is breathing, changing your breathing may be a shortcut to changing yourself .

I was able to know how to change it.

Mr. K ・ S

(Women, 40s, human resources development consultant)

Routine movements are no longer rugged, and I've started to handle things with care, which has increased the frequency of handling my body with care.

I feel that I have become more attached to my body and things than before .
It's harder to get caught up in things than before.


Mr. FT

(Female, 30s, ink painter)

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