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Breathing and manipulative coach
Mami Matsunaga


Entered Tokyo University of Foreign Studies to study Japanese. I was infected with HIV when I was in the first year of college.
After graduating, worked for a publishing company.
In 2006, when he was an editor of a cooking magazine, he encountered macrobiotics and yoga and started learning and practicing.
In 2007, he met Master Satchadeva Darth, who lives in San Francisco, and began incorporating meditation into his daily life.
In 2012, he started studying the yoga scripture "Bhagavad Gita".

Learn holistic and physical conditioning methods such as vegetarian and vegan cuisine, macrobiotics, natural remedies, aromatherapy, and Ayurveda.

I realized that the quality of every move and the quality of breathing are important through a lifestyle that incorporates the Ayurvedic way of thinking into Japanese culture, centered on how to prepare the mind and body in a Vedic manner.

Thirteen years after starting HIV treatment, Western medicine treatment was stopped and switching to oriental medicine care was stopped, but it stopped in about three years.

From 2014, he started learning breathing and manipulative treatment under Mr. Atsushi Morita.
In 2017, certified as a breathing and manipulative coach.

  • From November 2014 to March 2016, a column "A vegetarian dining table" is serialized on the website "My Lohas", which describes daily meals and how to think about the mind and body through food .

  • April 2016-February 2017 On the website "My Lohas", a column "Living Now with Mindfulness" is serialized, which describes the tips for incorporating mindfulness into everyday life.

  • Completed 200 Hours Teacher Training in the National Yoga Alliance

  • Completed Yin Yoga Teacher Training by Joe Barnett

  • Completed UTL Asana Master Intensive Course

  • Completed UTL Anatomy & Kinology Intensive Course

  • Completed UTL Adjustment Technique Intensive Course

  • Completed UTL Pranayama Intensive Course

  • Japanese style reflexology "Ki flow therapy" therapist

  • Yoga Nidra Therapist

  • Completed Traditional Ayurveda Japan Main Course (Basic & Practice)

  • Traditional Ayurveda Japan Life Advisor Certification

  • Participation in NVC (Nonviolent Communication) International Intensive Training 2014, 2016

  • Breathing / manipulative study session Completed basic breathing / manipulative training

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